Rally driver. Driving instructor. Product trainer.

On the racing line between racetrack and product training: authentic, proficient, dynamic.

Driving a car on tarmac and gravel roads at your maximum level is just one thing: incomparable emotional. In these unique moments we experience the potential Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Carl Benz gave their visions of individual vehicles. The enjoyment of driving is not dried up in the last 130 years. The symbiosis of human being and proven technology is diversified – more than ever before.

Walter Röhrl, World Rally Champion of 1980 and 1982, formulated it accurately when saying: “When you are accelerating a car, tears of emotion have to drip horizontally to the ear”. I promise you: You are able to sense these emotional releases between pedal systems, steering and gearshift. You will attain your goal – with the aid of a professional trainer who combines speed, enthusiasm and eloquent speaking.

Welcome to the world of precision, adrenaline and product experience.

Niklas Stötefalke


As a kid it all started with karting, as a teenager there was the entry into automobile slalom. After completing secondary education green light was given for rallysport. To this day: four world championship rounds and a countless number of events in German Rally Championship.

Driving instructor

Raise your driving skills on a new level! Make the right decision in just a split second. Fasten your seat belts: Intensive training that guarantees driving pleasure.

Product trainer

Eloquent, competent, casual – in, around and beside the race track. Effective and to the point on product launches and evening events due to several years of relevant professional experience, language and didactic studies.