Motorsport experiences for road traffic:
thrilling, informative, life-saving..

Safety, adrenaline, driving pleasure – these are the elements of high-class driving courses. In cooperation with guests my goals are to transfer real automotive emotions and to boost individual driving skills. In the real event of sudden danger there is just one chance: You have to do right in just a split second. One thing is for sure: Experiencing and mastering these special moments in training help to save lives in real traffic hazards.

Assistance- and safety systems are playing an increasingly important role: They take action, when there is no driver reaction or the driver‘s plan do not contain an adequate solution.

These intelligent livesafers can be an innovative element of modern driving courses. They raise daily road safety on a new level.

Driving trainings are so varied: What an experience to drift on different road surfaces, to sense G-forces in a sports car, to exceed your limits, to devise exercises adapted to your skills! These factors make my work with you so outstanding. There is something for everyone: beginners, advanced drivers and pros – and those want to become one.